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Why Implants

One of the biggest advantages of an implant is that it restores full chewing power. Most patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and the implant tooth. They can eat with it completely normally, and they can brush and floss normally as well. Whereas a dental bridge may only last around 10 years or so, dental implants can last a lifetime. The implant is made from titanium and integrates with the jawbone. It’s bio-compatible, meaning that it’s non-toxic and not rejected by the body. All in all it makes a powerful replacement tooth.

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Dr.Manu Modi is a perfectionist who is a true believer in “nothing is impossible “. A strong-headed and light-hearted Dr Modi has been practising for over 20 years. His practice focuses primarily on patient care and awareness. Dr.Manu Modi ( MDS Prosthodontics) and Dr.Mona Modi (BDS Cosmetic dentist) with their team of Doctors aim for precise treatments with 100% results.

His commitment to dentistry has been rewarded by providing 32 Facts the most prestigious award of the ‘Best Dental and Prosthodontic Clinic in Delhi’ consecutively for three years, which are 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Frequently asked questions

1. Speech problems due to gaps left by missing teeth.
2. When teeth are missing, the upper and lower jaws do not open properly, making it difficult to chew.
3. When teeth are missing, the muscles weaken and are no longer able to support the lips and cheeks, resulting in an aged, wrinkled face and sunken cheeks. Four.
4. Pain in facial muscles and jaws may be due to malocclusion due to missing teeth.
5. Food entrapment and plaque buildup can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
6. Adjacent teeth can tilt into the empty space left by the missing tooth, causing an improper bite.
7. Low self-esteem is one of the major psychological effects of untreated tooth loss.
8. People are so concerned about their appearance that they hesitate to smile at public gatherings.

Dental implants are the ideal solution to replace missing teeth and have transformed dentistry over the past 25 years.
Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth, offering the most realistic and long-lasting solution for restoring smile function.
Using titanium (the same material used by NASA) makes the implants lighter, stronger and longer lasting.
It is placed in the jaw and a crown is placed over it to make it look like a natural tooth.
Dental implants are suitable for all ages and have a 98% success rate. Dental patients can be confident in the health of their teeth and gums.

1. Implants are the next best option to healthy, natural teeth to replace missing teeth.
2. Implants are durable and the ultimate long-term solution.
3. Dental implants help maintain the shape of your face and your smile as your facial muscles relax due to missing teeth.
4. Implants protect healthy bone.
Five. Implants improve how you look, how you speak and how you feel.
6. Implants provide the perfect solution for missing teeth and boost self-esteem.
7. Implants offer opportunities to enjoy a variety of foods.

The duration of rehabilitation with dental implants varies from 4 to 7 months, depending on many factors such as underlying bone quality, gum condition, and other medical conditions in the area. With insufficient bone, it may take him up to 1.5 years to see predictable results.

At 32 Facts, we ensure that implant treatments are performed by certified implant professionals who adhere to US sterilization standards. It’s important to make sure you get what you pay for. The cost of dental implant treatment varies from case to case and the exact cost will only be known after a proper evaluation by a professional.Because we buy carnations directly from authorized manufacturers, reliability is guaranteed.

At Modi Dental, we only use implants that meet the highest global standards. The implants used are Abdent (made in Israel) and Nobel Biocare (made in Sweden). Our implants are CE and FDA-approved. Apart from the implant brand, uniqueness is established by importing the implants through the correct channels, using proper verification, original tax invoices, etc.





Single tooth dental implant is the replacement of a single missing tooth over which a prosthesis is fixed. It is the ideal solution for missing natural teeth.



All-on-four-dental implants are a complete rehabilitation for edentulous patients. This is done by inserting four implants with toothed prostheses attached.



All 6 dental implants are complete rehabilitation for edentulous patients with higher bone density than toothed prostheses

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